RICA creates Products to meet High Value performance requirement. RICA products are energy efficient, which means they exceed the minimum energy efficiency criteria for the climate region you live in.

We manufacture wide range of Window & Doors Systems for all types of building structures; residential, commercial and industrial. Our Window & Doors are termite proof, resistant to weather and fire, non-conductive, sound insulated to prevent noise pollution and also saves energy. These are designed for high performance and stay in shape for longer period.

RICA delivers customized doors and windows for better suitability to Indian conditions.

Our products are made after careful evaluation and selection of material to fulfill customer’s requirements from Shisham Wood, Teak Wood, Champ Wood, Holock Wood, Mango Wood, Ghana Teak, Ivory Coast Teak, Rose Wood, Steam Beach Wood, Saal Wood, White Ash Wood, Rubber Wood, White Cidar Wood, Merandi Wood, American Oak Wood, Mahogany Wood, Abni Wood, etc.
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