RICA’s goal is very environmentally responsible organisation. We do our business in a manner that is sustainable, environmental friendly.

We are committed to environmentally responsible practices and contributing to the sustainability and health of the communities where we operate.
The environmental goals are set to exceed applicable environmental laws and regulations and to protect our environment.

This commitment is fulfilled by incorporating environmental priorities into the design of products, services and facilities, and by minimizing the environmental impact during the production of products and manufacturing operations.

It is our priority to continually improve in pollution prevention, waste management and recycling, and to educate employees, communities and customers on responsible environmental practices.

It has been a goal of our company from its beginning to conserve valuable resources in all aspects of our production. Our manufacturing process utilizes recycled waste materials. We manufacture close to markets to minimize fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

We design and produce long lasting, energy-saving windows and doors, and we utilize environmentally sustainable development and management practices for our resort communities. In all our operations around the world we strive to maintain and continually improve our environmental performance.
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